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Taniel Yonah Sheintoch, and planting my elbows firmly on the table

When I was growing up, I have this distinct memory of being around the dinner table with my siblings and parents. In a moment of laziness or boredom, I’d put my elbows on the table and lean my head on my hands. “Elbows off the table”, my father would remind me, “you’re not an aunt or an uncle.” I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I think that all dads have their own little dad-isms, and this was one of his. So it’s with enormous joy that I share with you today that I can officially put my elbows on the table during dinner without fear of recrimination. Eight days ago, my older sister Shuvi and her partner Debbie gave birth to Taniel Yonah Sheintoch, who had his bris (circumcision) and naming ceremony today.

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