I work…

As a Graduate Research Assistant and Doctoral Student in Indiana University’s Learning Sciences Program, where I help to integrate new forms of media with higher order learning and research how best to accomplish that.

My prior work was at Global Kids, in its Online Leadership Program. As a Senior Program Associate there, I brought together youth development, civic engagement, international affairs and new media. I worked with youth face to face and online to create neat projects and events that developed their skills as leaders and taught them what it means to be a full civic participant in our society.

I was also engaged in working with individuals and organizations to help build capacity in relation to utilizing digital media for pro-social applications such as facilitating the creative process, promoting new forms of expression, fostering more effective collaboration and engaging in civic activity.

I’ve done projects utilizing online dialogues, virtual worlds, blogging, mapping, wikipedi-ing, machinima, social networks etc. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with great organizations, like The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, UNICEF, MIT as well as a smattering of the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning grantees. These are some of the smartest, most innovative and most passionate professionals I know.

Prior to that, I lived in India doing conflict resolution work between Hindu and Muslim communities in Bombay. You can read the blog that I kept while I lived there, if you fancy. I was sent there as a World Partners Fellow by American Jewish World Service.

My work brings me more joy than I ever expected to find in the professional world.

Hi there.

Rafi in thailand, smiling

If you're reading this, then you've reached the web log of Rafi Santo. This is my little slice of the internet where I can share my passion (or whatever) with the world.

Research. Meditation. Learning theory. Spirituality. Activism. Cooking. New Media. Pedagogy. Photography. It's all fair game, and will likely coalesce into some unholy mixture thereof. But hey, that's the integral life.



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